What my clients say


Completely overhauled our deliverability infrastructure and compliance procedures which saw dramatic improvements for all of our customers.
Dave Greiner
Founder, Campaign Monitor
Made a big impact at Campaign Monitor. He brought with him a wealth of experience and connections, and set about making tweaks and larger improvements to our deliverability infrastructure that showed immediate results.
Mathew Patterson
Head of Deliverability
One of the leading experts worldwide on deliverability, with the ability to provide invaluable and actionable advice to our clients which was second to none.
Cyrille M. Saulnier
VP Client Success, SmartFocus
I met Andrew when he was focused on the EmailExpert site, a valuable source of information in the email industry. Andrew’s passion for email marketing, deliverability and ensuring best practices are followed is evident in every conversation and through every project he works on. Andrew is most certainly an email expert!
Mia Papanicolaou
COO at Striata
Andrew goes about his work in a reliable and professional manner and his enthusiasm keeps him ahead of the curve in a fast changing industry. Recently Andrew provided valuable advice for an email capture solution for EMI Artist websites, saving time and money. I will continue to work with Andrew whenever the opportunity arises
James Emerson
Digital Product Management
Andrew has amazed me with his incredible knowledge of ESP’s and Email delivery. The technical complications of managing email were trivial for Andrew’s vast wealth of knowledge. Andrew is a problem solver and has a way of engaging the team to get things done. I would gladly work with Andrew again
Lance Smith
Database Administrator at Campaign Monitor