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Andrew is the founder of emailexpert and the Deliverability as a service concept is his. Essentially bringing together contacts, people and the experience gained  managing deliverability for leading brands as an employee of email vendor platforms and making it accessible to multi-tenant senders irrespective of their platform or tech stack.

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Andrew Bonar started in the world of email as a founder member of the Team, the first ever free for life email service launched in 1994. Since then he has witnessed many changes, but often feels not enough!

With over 20 years working both receiver and sender side, Andrew has been responsible for the commercial viability of tens of thousands on email address’ and the delivery of billions of email messages. There are few with the depth and breadth of experience he has to offer.

Over the past ten years, Andrew has often been frustrated by the simplistic solutions offered by many vendors in the deliverability space. Often keen on promoting over-priced  reports and dashboards in a race for a SaaS solution to satisfy investors and shareholders as opposed to delivering real client value.

Some of the most powerful deliverability tools are available at no or low-cost. Whilst they may not always appear as polished, need a little tech know-how to fully utilise more likely the reason you are not as aware of them is there may be little or no financial motivation for those in your network to promote them.

With Deliverability you are getting a truly vendor agnostic approach in respect of our recommendations, the sole concern being our client and delivering real added value. No kickbacks, affiliate payments or similar to cloud our recommendations.

Dashboards and reporting is most useful when it is truly tailored to the client and their particular environment. Some of the most valuable information may well already be available to you, understanding how to tap into that information and make it usable and relevant is something we can help with.

We can help demystify the tools available, help harmonise various third party solutions and integrate them within the tools you already use within your enterprise.

Whether you are looking for a long term ongoing engagement where we oversee your deliverability on your behalf or a shorter intense engagement to help you empower, create or recreate your own in-house deliverability team, we have the experience to help you get more done, faster, with less investment of human resources and capital. 

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